Thursday, November 14, 2013


As in the "Bretheren of Rational Evangelical Witnesses."

Last Friday I had some buddies from church over for one of our beer club meetings. The concept is simple: Everyone brings one or two 'craft' brews that they have either made themselves or bought in some sort of exotic location (like Bar Harbor....Denver Colorado...or Waterville Maine). Each person 'presents' their beer, and we all sample it; believe it or not, we are actually pretty serious about discussing the elements of the brewing process and what sorts of flavors we get out of each tasting. And then we just drink more of it. Also, there are snacks.

We hosted it at my house, down in the den, which remains one of my favorite features of the house. I will any sort of this space a 'man cave' or anything like that. That term needs to be brought out behind the chemical shed and shot at close range. It is a den. With books. And dark wood tones. And a record player. We enjoyed some Chuck Mangione and Leo Kotke, both on vinyl. Amanda baked some of her world famous (because people from Thailand like them) cookies. And we had more beer than you could shake a stick at.

On the futon you can see Jon and Tom enjoying a tasting. On the loveseat (yes...two men can sit on a love seat) are Chris and Brian. What you CANNOT see....near the bottom of the old woodstove hearth, is the Duraflame electric wood stove we bought on QVC!!! This in itself cancels out roughtly 60% of the 'manliness" we had going. Oh well.

Jon (who lives up just off Mount Desert Island in Lamoine), Tom, and Pastor round out the group and all took turns laughing at me trying to do normal, everyday things. Also, the green futon is Lin and Gorge's bed when they come and live with us.....

And, on this day, we are pleased to welcome to the family our beautiful new niece and cousin Annabella Favry!!!!! Cant weight too meat her!!!

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