Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Well, I guess

I should start this blog thing up again.

Thanksgiving was spent in Maine this year, as, due to a torn rotator cuff, I was advised not to do any long distance driving. So we stayed in Maine and enjoyed some time with Amanda's family and her family from New Jersey. Callum, Maira, and Emma had a super duper time together; they played red light-green light, trains, and babies. They took (actually we all did) walks in the woods behind BaBa's house with Molly, June and Bob's half black lab/half huskie. SteveeCee taught Callum how to call cadences when being a QB--now Callum wants to play football all the time, be Tom Brady, and yell BLUE 22 HUT HUT HIKE!!! constantly.

Other festivities included the annual Wednesday night trip to Craparitas with everyone, as well as the Thanksgiving night trip down to LL Crap. I did not attend this trip, due to the fact that Maira was tired and I brought her home (AND the Pats took a dump all over the Jets and it was a blast to watch sexy-Rexy cringe with anger, even)

A good time overall with family I dont often get to see. And I look forward to seeing my family in a couple of weeks, hopefully, for Maira's birthday. And then we will head down the week after that for a Christmasey sort of weekend with Nannie, papa, and the works....

My shoulder has been a HUGE detriment to my every day life, although I shouldnt complain because at least I didnt have to have crazy surgery like Anthony! (well....at least not yet!). Right now, all the men in the family: Me, Anthony, Ortiz, and Upbob all have rotator cuff issues, tears, etc. #shoulderalliance. I have begun physical therapy, and I have been faithful to my exercises at home with the cute little resistance band they gave me. But the pain wakes me up each and every night when I turn over on it. It has even screwed up my running form. Oh well.

Lynne and Amanda (and Callum and Maira, of course) both pitched in on Sunday and helped stack the rest of the firewood we just go delivered (this will be NEXT year's wood). Thanks ladies for helping me out while I am out of commission!!!

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