Thursday, October 10, 2013

Government Shutdown

I cant wait to see the fallout from this.....especially with the National Park Service....what a bunch of dinkuses, huh? Telling Americans that they cant go to their national parks is perhaps like me buying a pair of pants from KMart....and then KMart goes out of business....and I am no longer allowed to wear those pants anymore....

The US government is 'out of business' and 'they are closed' and shutdown. That is what they say. Their words. Then, essentially, they ARE saying that the government is a 'business.' That being said, since we live in a capitalistic culture....and the whole 'free market' model is advertised and encouraged, does it then follow that 'we dont have to shop there' so-to-speak? Obviously, this is a ridiculous statement to make....but I am just using the United States' OWN logic here.

Absolutely ridiculous. I could go on and on.....but I wont. Facebook and conservative talking heads and all these other people are going on and on about the unfairness and stupidity of this. But I was just thinking of the two things above, and wanted to chime in.

And here are four things that are better than our government:

Two goonballs playing dressup and being all crazy-silly.....(Callum is dressed up like his dad, in case you like symbolism)

Callum is really good with little kids!! Here, at the sprinkle last weekend, he is playing with Adriella, my cousin Kelley's little girl, who is two. He gets a kick out of babies and little people. And small dogs.

My dad, Callum, and Uncle Allan, my dad's brother. I have seen Uncle Allan probably twice in the last ten years. As kids, we would go down to Uncle Allan and Aunt Ellie's place in Hingham and go to the beach...but we dont see them a lot, so it was great to be able to see them at the party.....

And three Goldsmiths........who do I look like??

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