Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Here, first, is just one of approximately 861 things more interesting than baseball: Making crafts! There was some 'kidfest' at Inland Hospital a few weeks ago, and Home Depot was there giving away wooden models for kids to build with their parents--the things were legit, and had just blocks of wood that had to be drilled, nailed, assembled, etc. Perhaps they wanted or needed you to buy their tools....

Maira picked out a plane and Callum picked out a truck. We put them together down in the basement 'workshop' and then we let the kids paint them....

A very 'Monet' kind of brushstroke, no?

Callum's truck was super fun because it involved lots of drilling and nailing....we had to position the wheels correctly....etc. I think Callum will be really into building models, etc.....I was into them, briefly, as a child...but I was never much good. Callum inherits his engineer's mind from Thaim.

World Series starts tonight right at Fenway Park. I love all Boston Sports teams (except the Celtics, cuz basketball is wicked stupid) and all, but, sadly, I have lost all interest in baseball as a hole. Nothing against the sox. It is just the sport. I think that since I have been more into endurance types of sports like running and bicycling, I crave faster and more energetic sports. Oh well. Good luck sox.

Here is something I heard on the radio this PM--a discussion involving the worst sports rules of all time. The hosts were saying that the fact that the world series home field advantage is decided by the all star game  is wicked lame. Yes it is. But you know what would help make baseball a more exciting (and faster moving) sport? Two foul balls and you are out. Simple. I hate when these pitchers and batters get in these 'duels' where a batter will foul off 8 foul balls and 'keep themselves alive' or whatever. Where and when and why did this rule come into existence, that you could foul off as many balls as you want and not be out? How is this like anything else in the world of sports or the real world? If you cant hit the ball straight, then the pitcher is better than you because you cant adjust to his location or velocity. You're out. In tennis, do players get unlimited chances to 'start over' and not be penalized points if they hit the ball out of bounds? In basketball, if the ball goes off the court do they say 'congrats! you have kept yourself alive! here is the ball again. try to shoot again?' No. Stupid rule. Get rid of it.

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