Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Bostn Part 2

After a long day in Boston, we put the kids to bed, and went to go meet Efth and Elwyn at the Stoneforge for a drink or two....we had not seen them since their wedding in May, so it was great to catch up and get the 'inside scoop' on their honeymoon, wedding, and the τέλειος that went on in Bora Bora.....

On Sunday, it was off to visit Papa and Grammy, and the kids had a blast seeing them. The highlights of Papa's house are always the three cats-Jesse, Kody, and Smoky- and the great aquarium Papa has. All the grandkids seem to love this! But now Papa has a new 'toy' in his repertoire: His 'lift chair.' This is the greatest invention for my dad ever, since, with his hips and knees, he has trouble getting up. This is like one of those craft-o-matic contraptions that lifts from the back to get you off #thatswhatshesaid. Callum had a blast  'riding' Papa's new ride....Maira was a little reticent #wordsPapawilllookup.

We had a nice visit, talking about Boston, trying to ruse the cats, showing off our bat-puppets, eating snaques, and just hanging out! Oh, and dont forget eating Honey Dew donuts at Papa's table!

 Then it was off to Fresh Catch for lunch...oh wait....there was one more stop: Callum unabashedly asked Papa if he could take him to 'that toy store' for a 'new digger.' The Village Toy Shop is an amazing store with amazing toys....but very expensive. But Papa was happy to oblige Callum and Maira. Callum picked out a new "grader" digger to go with his other fleet of trucks from that store (bulldozers, logging trucks, cement trucks, firetrucks, plows, etc). Maira chose a new 'cutting board' and fruits and vegetables for her kitchen. They are wooden and connected with velcro and Maira has been transfixed by them!

And thennnnnn it was off to Fresh Catch. I got my token fried oysters which were, as great-Papa Goldsmith would say, 'fair.' They were lacking the sweetness I expect, but the same is true of most of my relationships.....The only thing Callum wanted was LOBSTER. No fries. No onion rings. No rice. JUST a lobster. He ate every. single. piece. Including some body pieces I picked off for him #shadesofLin. Here is a quick 'photo essay' of Callum and Papa and their lobster.....

 Papa brought up a good point: Why is CALLUM the one wearing the bib? Papa did all the work!!! Haha...

Then we made our way baque to Maine, stopping for a pit stop in Kennebunk. The kids wanted their picture taken with the BIG MOOSE on the northbound side rest area. Maybe Jaqueson will get his taken too on their way up this weekend. Then we can have a collection, even!! (I love how Callum has his arm around his sister....we didnt tell him to do that....we love this)

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