Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Princess Turns Two...


Tomorrow is an unprecedented birthday for you! You are 2 on 12/12/12. This will NEVER happen again. Like, EVER. And it couldnt be more appropriate because you, fancy little girl, are a one in a million chance youself....

On the day you were born, two years ago, I was teaching Sunday school when the church phone rang. I just KNEW it was mommy, who was at home, and I knew she called to tell me that her water broke! I was right!! I rushed home and the three of us rushed over to the hospital.

Callum settled RIGHT IN with daddy's Macbook and began watching Frosty the Snowman on repeat in the hospital room while Mommy started doing her breathing exercises. Soon, MeeMee, Grampy, Uncle Jon, and Aunt Kelsey came over to wait in the waiting room.

I kept laughing because everyone thought I dressed up for your birthday, since I was still wearing my shirt and tie that I had worn to church.

On the Sunday that you were born, the Patriots played the Chicago Bears, and beat them 36-7. It was a snowy, miserable day at Gillette stadium and you will find, as you get older, and you learn from me, that there are few things better than December football. With the Patriots. In the snow. When they win. And, because of YOU, I didnt get to watch any of the game. How dare you! haha. A lot of people dont know that this is secretly why I love the Chicago Bears: They were the team playing the Pats on the day you were born!

The past two years have really flown by. You are, now, one of the happiest and well adjusted little people I know. You will go to anyone, and you seem to fear absolutely nothing. I can make you laugh by simply poking your chest. And I ALWAYS know how to make you stop crying (offer you a yogurt...hint hint...). It wasnt always this way. Maira, you were the WORST sleeper in the history of time. When you are twelve, you will begin to serve 'groundings' for this. Also, when you were a baby, you were SO SERIOUS and I could never ever seem to get you to smile. How things have changed.

Today, you are quite the motherly little girl--you seem to have mommy rub off on you a little bit! You love to "discipline" Callum, telling him to SIT DOWN at dinner. Also, you love to micromanage the cat, setting off a virtual verbal alarm whenever Lupine jumps up on our table (MOMMY!!! Lupine a-da- tabullllll!!). And you love to take care of your "baby Ashley," as well as the nutcrackers, who are also your babies. You love to take out your babies, lay them down by the wood stove, get the 'wipes' out of the diaper bag, and clean them off (from head to toe) and then try to negotiate a diaper onto their lower portion....

Your daily protocol lately seems to be to wake up, ask me for a granola bar, follow me downstairs, open the door to let the cat out onto the breezeway, take out a bowl out of the cabinet, put your granola bar INTO the bowl, carry it into the living room, and casually slip an Elmo's World DVD into the player....

You love watching Raymond Briggs' THE SNOWMAN lately, which surprises me because there are no words in this film, yet you are MESMERIZED by it. You cannot take your eyes off the TV when it is on.

And you make your mom, brother, and me so, so very happy. Callum has told me many times that you are his best friend. I hope this continues. Mommy and Daddy want you two to love each other all your lives.

Happy Birthday Maira Elizabeth!!!!!!

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MeeMee said...


Grampy and I love you very much. We had so much fun at your party and you looked just like a princess in your party dress!