Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Massachusetts Christmas!

Ooooh....look at my shirt! We had a great time in Mass last weekend; we all met at Cheng Du for Chinese food, and then we went back to Nannie and Upbob's for presents and desserts (I made cookies and Anthony bakery!)

Papa and his offspring, above....and Papa and his grandson, below.....three generations of GoldsmithGreatness all in one place!!! Also, this is one of the first times in months we have gotten Callum to pose for a picture. Kid hates the camera.....

What else did  we do? Well, Nannie has a clinical obsession with collecting 'novelty holiday hats' (for Halloween...Christmas...Groundhog day...etc...). She had this great idea of getting everyone present to wear one of her novelty hats for a 'family picture.' This is a great tradition that I think we should continue Nannie!! I might bring a version of this to Maine Christmas (George, dig out your ugly sweaters!!). I was looking for the actual picture of everyone, and I think only Anthony took it with his camera. Anthony, could you send this pic to me??

And, of course, Maira and Uncle Anthony got to share their passion for vacuuming #alliance. This Minnie Mouse vacuum was one of the gifts the Favry family got Maira. It was funny: What's old is new is new again, as the saying goes. At one point, there were three gifts being simultaneously opened by the kids, and I made the comment to my sister that she and I received these gifts too.....back in 1987! Callum was opening a Snoopy Snow Cone maker and Hungry Hungry Hippos....and Jackson was opening up a Light Bright. Retro gifts, even!!!

And, of course, Maira got her time in with Auntie KK, feeding her a bottle. The baby Maira is holding, by the way, is not hers. This is a doll that lives at Nannie's house. And Maira HATED leaving her when we left on was very cute....

And on Sunday, we went over to Papa and Grammy Goldsmith's house guessed it: Open more presents. I should have attached the ATV trailer to bring him all the things the kids got this past weekend!! Some hilights include: Spiderman and Dora power toothbrushes....batman bandaids....snowtube sleds....RockEmSockEm Robots....Batman stuff...tea party stuff....doll clothes...Barbie Cars.....etc etc etc.....The children made out VERY WELL, and they still have...well....Christmas morning with gifts from us, Santa, Uncle Jon and Aunt Kelsey, and MeeMee and Grampy. #weneedabiggerhouse.

Also, one of the coolest parts about the visit to papa's house was the HONEY DEW donuts and the Back Bay Bagels!! As I have written before, bagels (like pizza) SUCK in maine.

It was a great visit.

Lastly, I want to send a big thank you to everyone who has read and responded to my blog from yesterday: Amanda, unknown to me, shared my post on FB, and the way it was received was truly both humbling and flattering. Your kind words are more touching than you may know, and I am glad so many folks enjoyed this.

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MeeMee said...

Just looked really good at the shirt. That's funny. I really didn't notice it before because I was too busy looking at you and Henry thinking what a great picture it is! You look great, Henry!