Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Beginning of August Check-In

*The other day I went to the hospital to give blood....on the front registration desk there was a big bowl of lemons with a sign that said PLEASE TAKE ON
*The other night I ran perhaps the TOUGHEST running race I have ever run....an 8K (5 miles) at the Quarry Road Trails....it was hot and humid and dirt and rock and hills....CRAZY hills...with switchbacks on them eve....the Quarry Road Summer Race Series has been AMAZING,, and tonight is the final one. I hope to get there

* Callum, yesterday, went to the library and CLEANED UP, earning every possible prize for reading all his summer reading books. Thus far the kid has gotten gift cards for: Free french fries at Bee's Diner, Free sub at Subway, Free ice cream at Giffords, and Free mini golf at Benton Family Fun Park. Also, he got to pick out a free book to keep AND he is entered in a raffle to win a huge gift certificate to the Children's Book Cellar (the awesomest children's  book store) in Waterville

* Tomorrow the kids and Amanda (along with Lin, Gorge, and BaBaBooey Ensign) are going to NJ for the week--I am staying in Maine because I have XC preseason and such and such. I will REALLY miss them. And I will miss seeing everyone in NJ. Kind of. Just kidding. Kind of. lol.

*Maira's favorite author of the summer has to be Kevin Henkes, the writer of all the "Penny" books (Penny is a cute little mouse who has many adventures). Henkes has written about several other little mice people named Owen and Lily too, for example. She loves them all. Other favorites she can seem to put down are THE JELLYBEANS (this little group of animal friends who call their club the jellybeans) and Olivia books

*Callum is definitely in his summer-of-Willems; THAT IS NOT A GOOD IDEA, LET'S GO FOR A DRIVE, and THE DUCKLING WANTS A COOKIE remain books that crack him up....he has a great laugh

*This past week was Vacation Bible School at church (as opposed to the one they have at The Bob In). For the fourth year in a row, Sally and I were the music leaders/MCs...and, since only 1.6 people volunteered at our church this year to do anything, Sally was a teacher as well. She did a great job with Mia, Malyn, and Emmy. The them was all about mountains, and the small core group had a fantastic time. As I write this, Callum and Maira are listening to the VBS music CD, developing some choreography for some of the songs (I put together some dance moves...kind of...for the kids at the camp...and now my kids are following suit)

*Most popular hit songs of the summer (did you ever notice how you always associate certain songs with summer more than any other season??) are Life is a Highway by Rascall Crapps (CARS soundtrack), Carry Me Ohio by Sun Kill Moon, Everything at Once by Lenka, Appalachian Spring by Copeland, and, far and away the NUMBER ONE song of the summer, thanks to Dave Houston, is Miss me when I'm gone/Cups by Anna Hendrick. I will attach a link to the youtube video....if you havent seen it, you should definitely watch it. One of the coolest videos I have seen...and not just because of the cool cup tricks. Neat cinematography too....all pretty much one 'shot' from a waitress's perspective....not a lot of cutting and editing, etc. Also, you should watch it cuz Callum can do the whole 'cup' percussion thing that the girl does. For realz.

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