Thursday, August 15, 2013

Efth comes up, and other alone things I did...

Cute title huh?

So everyone is baque from NJ now, and I am very happy we are all together again.

I did have a great time, however, on my own, while Amanda and the kids were away. I tried each day to be as productive as possible (realizing that REST and RELAXATION is productive...especially for me)

I was really lucky to have Tim come up for a visit; he did this last year too during 'bachelor week.' We were missing Jawn, who is out in Reno, and Jezsin, who had softbuoll. But we made sure to skype, talk, and keep them in the loop as much as we could. Thaim came up on Friday, on a day when, after all was said and done, the meteorologists said we got FIVE inches of rain. Crazy. It was pouring pouring pouring out when Tim came. So we just hung out, drank #fridgebeer, and watched a Workaholics. Then we went to Mardens. I have no idea why I suggested this, and, Tem, I apologize. From there we went over to Maineley Brews, had a couple, and then walked, in the rain, over to Cancun for a stellar BurritoRoqueta dinner.

On Saturday, we awoke to an intensely bright and beautiful sky, and we went up North to the Forks to do a swiftwater float paddle trip on the Kennebec--I have written and posted about this before. It truly is one of my favorite things to do in Maine! Perfect day, great cold, clean water, wonderful part of the state. It is awesome. We had great conversation, great Pearl Jam deep album cuts, and a great time all around before heading back to Mainely Brews again, this time for dinner.

I always say how blessed I am to have the 'founding fathers' of Jay, Jawn, and Tim. We do our best to try to see each other whenever possible, and a bad time is never had. I really appreciate Tim coming up! I definitely have a way of 'losing' friends (especially up here in Maine); you'd be surprised at the list, and it really eats at me sometimes. But I know I can always count on my pals. Thanks guise.

Other things I did while everyone was away:

  • Lots of long runs in preparation for the coaching season
  • a few longer bike rides since, after the season starts, I wont see my bike til November
  • sitting. A lot. And reading. A lot. 
  • I actually wrote 2 or 3 new songs!
  • I pickled four quarts of 'BaBa pickles' and 4 quarts of Dill Pickles (Callum's favorite)
  • played 'musical wood' by moving a bunch of oak into the wood shed...
  • made room for the other cord of wood we just go delivered (Lin, come over and stack it!)
  • watched the XFiles like crazy (my friend Lacey lets me borrow the seasons, and, since I am married to a 8 year old girl who wont watch them with me, I have to watch them alone)
  • sometimes, around dinner time, just rode my bike around the neighborhood for a couple of laps because I love the way the sunlight 'works' at around 630 or August. Isnt that weird? Check it out sometime though...
  • caught up on podcasts like Toucher and Rich, Maine Calling, A Prairie Home Companion, and This American Life
  • scrubbed and bleached mold off the house and wood
  • landscaped and tied up bushes like forsythias and comfreys
  • cribbage with Karl and Andy--I love love love cribbage and, this fall, want to play more. If my mom read this blog, I would tell her to tell Upbob that the challenge has been set forth!!


Anonymous said...

Great time in Maineg as always. -Efth

Nelson said...

I miss you Booboo and whish I was there!