Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Monet and a new bag

Amanda and the kids got me an awesome new baquepaque for a birthday/father's day gift--and I just got it, actually, because it is handmade in Maine, and the lady who owns the business was away. Check out the web site for Alder Stream Canvas:


A few years ago, Sally and I were at the Common Ground Fair, and we saw the woman (Jan, I think) who owns the company...she had a booth set up, and she had lots of gorgeous, hardy, practical bags, totes, and more. Like I said, explore the site and you will see all her great stuff. I had bought Amanda a tote bag a couple of years ago, and she returned the favor, so to speak, by buying me the 'daypack.' I am really fussy when it comes to backpacks--I dont like bells and whistles and frills and straps. All the ones from LL Crap and EMS have too many 'things.' This daypack is simple and nice. It is handmade right up in Kingfield Maine. And it is still cheaper than most of the ones you buy at the bigger stores.


Lydia, down in NJ, continues to be so good to both Callum and Maira. She was an art teacher, and she loads the kids up with AWESOME craft/art books, supplies, and videos. The video the kids are really REALLY into right now (and, I have to admit, we are too) is "Linnea in Monet's Garden." I think we have watched this 30 minute video at least twice a day for the last four or five days....

There is a book and a film of this, and right now we have the film. We need to get the book. Basically this little girl Linnea has a friend named Mr. Bloom. He is an old man who teaches Linnea lots of stuff about art and culture. She loves all his Monet books, and, one day, they decide to take an impromptu trip to Paris and to see Monet's garden. The film teachers all about the artist, his work, etc. Callum and Maira both love the video itself, but Callum is suddenly REALLLLLY into art--he keeps telling us, with utmost resolve, how Monet is DEFINITELY his favorite artist of all time. He teaches me stuff about how Monet was an impressionist and if I squint my eyes, things might look different to me, etc. He also keeps asking when we can go to Paris. He really really really loves Monet's waterlillies and the Japanese bridge Monet had in his garden. Both he and Maira want to walk across the bridge there, but I struck a deal with them and asked if this one, in Somesville on Mt Desert Island (on route to Seawall) will suffice for them this weekend. I think they have accepted this offer:

Art is alive in the Goldsmith house! Next stop: The Colby College Museum of Art (the biggest art museum in the state...I didnt know that!) and then down to Portland to their art museum too. Good stuff. Art is something I know little about, and I would like to learn with everyone.

Day 2 of school in the books. Freshmen only tomorrow. Then we are live. Thank goodness. All this downtime and meeting time is not my favorite. I just want to 'start' and 'get going' with teaching already!

16 weeks til Thanksgiving.....

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