Friday, April 19, 2013

Eagle Lake Carriage Roads and Other Things and Such and Such and Such As...

Thurday and Friday of vacation week were busy around here--this was a great April vacation because Amanda was around for a bunch of it, so we could do things as a family! Yesterday we got together with the Parks-Stamms out in Winthrop; Callum and Polly played soccer in the apple fields, rode Big Wheels on the hilly driveway, and dressed up in costumes. Maira slept in the car for a bunch of the time, and then she and Brownlow hung out for a bit. Ben had "cold smoked" a pork shoulder at the beginning of the week, and then they cooked it in a crock pot--he wrapped it up into almost like a 'pulled pork kinish' kind of thing, and it was awesome. Oh, and we drank OPB Storyteller.
Today after PT and some errands we went over to the Andresen's house in Winslow for cribbage, tacos, laughs, dog slobber, and hikes. Karl and Jody live right on the Sebasticook River, and we (Callum, Amanda, me, Karl, Ruby--the yellow lab--and Mark Pelletier!!) hiked down the steep river bank to do some eagle watching. The nest of 'Aggie,' as she is called, is right there on the bank in one of the huge white pines that adorn the river. Sure enough, the eagles were soaring in circles right above us; at some times it appeared they were motionless...just still in the air. Amazing. Very low. Apparently, they would do this until we left, so as not to divulge the "secret whereabouts" of their nests. I guess this is typical behavior for them--they dont want 'predators' to know where they live. As soon as we started walking back, they landed! The kids had a blast playing ball with Ruby, and all three were EXHAUSTED at the end!
Speaking of eagles, here are a few more pictures from Mount Desert Island earlier this week--the Eagle Lake carriage roads. The Rockefellers (yes, THOSE Rockefellers) were huge lovers of the island and, thus, huge benefactors. .They were big into horses, and I guess the dad commissioned a HUGE expanse of carriage paths to be built around the park. Impeccably groomed, graded, and maintained (DEFINITELY better than the roads in central Maine!) they provide recreation to horsies, horsies and carriages, runners, bikers, skiers, snowshoers, and seguayers. Myeah.
After the storm: A gloomy, 'soupy' morning on the island, at the shore of Eagle Lake. I dont know what mountain this is in the background. But you should Google it. And let me know.

Eagle lake is not DIRECTLY on the ocean--but still a beautiful area. And, the cool thing about the carriage roads is that you CAN get there from here! They are all connected. Cute signs. Very nice.

They twist and wind and traverse some very remote places on the island....very unusual and eerie at some points to be so far in the middle of nowhere....but have this impeccably beautiful path...

Callum took this for us! Not a bad photographer, huh?

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