Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lacey and Noah's Wedding

Last Saturday, Amanda and I went to the wedding of Lacey and Noah Breems. Lin is still down in NJ, so Grampy babysat the kids solo, and they had a blast! For Amanda and I, it was an excellent 'date night' for us to go out, enjoy a great wedding, dance (I danced like crazy.....and my shoulder took two steps back....), and see some friends. Oh and have a few drinks. The wedding was at T&B's Outback Saloon in da' H20-Ville....a small, quaint, beautiful service with vows written by the bride and groom (I love when they do that)
Our camera 'flash' kept crapping out, so only select pictures came out halfway is a picture of Lacey and I....

Rarely do Amanda and I get 'good' pictures taken of just 'us.' But here is one. I loved Amanda's dress. Amanda is a really good dancer and, even when I was taking a break from the dance floor, she was out there ripping it up (practicing for the Kotsiopolous wedding #nodoubt). IN FACT, Amanda was hit on by TWO separate entities at this wedding: First of all, the bartender over at the 'public bar' side of the joint was all about Amanda....trying to kiss her hand....showing her his 'tricks,' etc. And, while I was resting from dancing, Amanda was 'joined' by another good looking gentleman on the dance floor. Hmmm. I guess I cant let her out alone....haha

Here's a nice picture of two of my closest friends at the high school: Lori and Crystal. Lori and I are old running pals and we are co-advisors (this year our kid's are seniors). Crystal, on the right, is a math teacher and a wonderful person (Ortiz, also, she is from Jay...tell Babs). Also, she can do that thing where she can tie a cherry stem into a knot with her tongue or whatever. So there's that.

Congrats to Lacey and Noah in their new life together! A very loving couple. We wish you the best!!

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Anonymous said...

Nice picture of the Goldsmiths. Very nice.

Congrats to the Breems.