Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Seawall in September

We took a trip up to Seawall over Labor Day weekend. In the 16 years that I have been going to MDI, I have NEVER seen it as crowded as it was this weekend. LOADS of people. Coming back on Monday, we sat in about 2 hours worth of traffic as we made our way off the island and through Ellsworth. Usually it doesnt even take us two hours to GET to Seawall....jeesh. Mostly it was all traffic due to backups involving traffic lights. Whatever. 

A very strange weather weekend for sure--lots and lots of thick, soupy humidity. And, being at the Seawall of Acadia National Park, and therefore directly at sea level, there was SUBSTANTIAL fog (or, as the locals call it, 'soup'). 

Callum wanted to bring his bike, but we didnt have room in the car, and there is NO shoulder on the Park road. So we made a bargain and he brought his scooter. He rode the darn thing EVERYWHERE...from our room down to the office...from the office to the rocks...from the rocks to other rocks...everywhere......I love this picture:

As we have long hoped would happen, both of our kids have truly fallen in love with all things MountDesertIsland....and, in particular, the Seawall area and the Seawall motel with Dave, Vicki, and Speedbump. This visit, I think we noticed, truly solidified their own personal admiration and excitement about the space--beyond merely the excitement that they usually show just at 'our' excitement. Does this make sense? This, in turn, makes us BEYOND happy, since we just love this place; the kids want to be out all day long, and are perfectly content to walk on/collect rocks for HOURS......what a happy kid (and this is a kid who hates getting his pic taken dont forget!)

We built some cairns....did I spell that correctly? haha

The tide is so high on Mount Desert that we came back the next day to see that the waves had completely knocked them over. To give you an idea of how high the tide is, you can see the road RIGHT behind my shirt....

Lin and Gorge came over to the water a few times as well. And, as I write this, they are still there at Seawall! Very lucky they didnt have to come back yet. Jeez...I cant wait til MY next vacation...haha. But I particularly love this picture because it shows the scope of the fog we saw most of Saturday....and you can see the motel in the way background....and, directly behind Lin, you can see the Common Good Cafe which I have often written about....this is that 'community soup kitchen' place with the best coffee I have ever consumed.

And here is the freshwater pond right beside the motel and directly across the street from the ocean. In the way background, through the trees, you would arrive at the Acadia National Park Seawall Campground....I love this shot, although the photo doesnt do REMOTE justice; the way the sun was shining through the fog was just spellbinding....

Part 2 tomorrow, with some pictures of all of us at Jordan Pond House, etc...

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