Saturday, December 14, 2013

Couldnt think of a title for this post....

Just a recap of things I guess....

Working our way through the Christmas season....what a blast Christmas time is!! Today we took the kids to see THE NUTCRACKER which everyone knows is about one of my favorite things in all the world--holiday related or now! I just love everything about it....the story, the set, the music. Tchaikovski is my second favorite composer, closely beat out by Aaron Copeland. We saw the show at the newly remodeled Waterville Opera House. This was Callum's fourth year in a row seeing the ballet, and this was Maira's first time seeing the show! As we expected, she was about as engaged as her brother--completely engrossed. This makes us happy. After the show we took the kids for supper at Maineley Brews, a very special place to us. I reccommend the DropDeadRed Ale, by the way!!

VERRRRRRRY cold up here this week. Running has been tough but I have been toughing through it; the cold really has a way of just sucking the life out of you...and it is difficult, often, to breathe. Luckily I have my beard to keep my face warm, since Lupine somehow peed on my Carhartt fleece facemask. Long Story. Dont Ask. As I write this, is is 3 degrees outside. Daytimes usually hang out around 13-19. I had some growlers of Oak Pond stuff in the garage and, sadly, they froze and one of the growlers broke. This is the saddest news ever. We are *supposed to* get a doozie of a snowstorm tomorrow. I hope so!! If nothing else but for the kid's sake, this would be awesome--add a little Christmas 'tone' to their already holidayish weekend!! These kids LOVE being in the snow--they are definitely MY kids (winter lovers, summer haters). Sunday school has already been canceled for tomorrow, so the plan is to sleep in (yeh right), get up, make coffee, and watch Christmas movies (we bought the kids an early present: Home Alone).

And, perhaps, we can try out our new machine: We bought a snowmobile!

We decided to sell the ATV. We hope that the "sled," brings years of enjoyment for the family, as winter is definitely the Goldsmith's "season." Driving through a snowy wood....on crisply groomed trails....rounding serpentine old logging is a gorgeous experience. And, lucky for Callum, (his words) he can still use the snowmobile for ice fishing.....hilarious.

It is a nice sled. PERFECT condition. Heated handlebars. Studded track. Goes fast....although we wont be. As with many things, I am about 30 % excited for it 'for myself' and 70% excited to give my kids the material/experience.

Come on up and join us!

Right now, WHITE CHRISTMAS is on 'full blast' while the kids are in bed. I am doing my yearly 'penance' by watching the most un-Christmas-like movie in existence.....haha


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