Friday, December 6, 2013

Psalms and such....

At church we do a LOT of hymns--I think this is something simply indicative of the Lutheran church. And the music is absolutely gorgeous, old, sacred stuff played on the organ. We have an outstanding organist named Rick (the guy is brilliant) and Amanda and I have been trying to be more active in the music at church. I sort of got a 'gig' as the church 'cantor,' meaning that I lead the Psalms during the part of the service known as the 'gradual.' From up in the choir loft, I sing, solo, the first part of the Psalm, and then the congregation sings every other verse. Sitting up in the choir loft definitely helps me to feel more connected to the entire service, actually. Seated right beside the powerfully loud and resonating organ is a meditative experience in itself.

A couple of weeks ago, during "Reformation Sunday" (to celebrate when Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the Catholic church, etc) Amanda and I both had solos performing different parts of the Psalms and hymns. I was looking for some youtube links to send so you could see the beautiful types of music we do at church, but, alas (no big surprise) there arent any!! 

Below, Amanda practices one of the hymns on the keyboard while Sharon, the musical director at our church, goes through some of the verses. What you CANNOT see, and what would make the photo at least 83% more hilarious, is that Callum and Maira are both over to the right, on the floor, putting on a Thomas the Train track building CLINIC!!

And here is a nice picture my dad sent me from Thanksgiving--my dad, me, and the grandkids. The lighting isnt great, as it was sunny outside and this was taken with an iPhone. And yes, Kristin, I am probably on my 8th cup of coffee (like Kristin reads this blog...). And somebody please look at Jackson in this picture and tell me that it isnt actually a small Anthony you are looking at! IDENTICAL!! Anthony makes that face all the time. Also, I dont know what type of drugs Callum just took....

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