Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Huesers Wine Cellar....

One of the goals Amanda and I have is to start making wine (not beer...because Amanda hates beer...and at least we can both drink the wine). Our good friends Tom and Katie are big into making much so that they  have a whole 'wine room' at their house; they have been teaching us the ins and outs of making wine. We went over a few weeks ago to begin the process, and, just this past Sunday, they had us over again to 'rack' some of it. We are making a Malbec....

Here are Tom and Amanda about to either perform a spinal tap OR siphon some wine into one of the glass carboys. 

Part of their wine room-- as we take the Malbec and try to separate what will become the wine from the 'lees' which is like all the sediment that collects on the bottom of the bucket. Tom, a "sciencey-minded" guy, gets really into the whole chemistry and physics of the whole process, getting a kick out of things like 'specific gravity' and 'siphoning' and things like that. I mostly hang with Katie and we eat snacks and watch...haha

Good friends Amanda and Katie sample some  (what is not technically yet) wine after separating it. I should have taken a picture of the Heusers wine closet where there have a seemingly innumerable amount of homemade wines!

And what do the kids do during all this? Well they have even a bigger blast than us (if that is possible!) Meghan and Maira have so much fun together. Maira LOVES Meghan, and they play school in Meghan's "classroom" and they lots of stuff with legos (particularly princess castle stuff!) The Huesers kids are big lego kids!!

And, after me (of course....haha) I dont think Callum emulates/idolizes any male more than his buddy Jake! Callum has never had a bad moment with Jake, and he talks about him non-stop. Jake has the coolest legos (you can see some in the background) AND he is a brilliant karate practitioner; this, to Callum, is the best! Notice the karate belt Jake gave Callum--Callum was elated to get his VERY OWN karate belt (now if we could just get Callum to TAKE karate for real...I think it would be so awesome for him)

Tom, Katie, and the kids are a special blessing, and they are fantastic friends. We look forward to having them over soon for 'canning' and great food...and we look forward to getting over there to do more wine, cuddle with Teddy (their pup), and share some great moments!

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